Is your gas bill funding fossil fuel lobbying?

It’s time to
Ditch the American Gas Association

Are you paying for the American Gas Association’s fossil fuel lobbying?

Do you pay a gas bill every month?

You’re probably funding the American Gas Association’s fossil fuel lobbying and disinformation.

Just about every gas utility in the country is a member of the American Gas Association, and many use money from their customers’ bills to pay their membership fees. That means that more than 70 million Americans may be paying for the AGA’s army of lobbyists and misleading advertising every month, without ever knowing it.

Recently discovered documents show that the American Gas Association knew that gas stoves release pollution linked to asthma as far back as the 1970s. But to this day they tell us they’re perfectly safe, despite more than 50 scientific studies documenting the harms.

No one should be forced to pay for their gaslighting!

The #AGAKnew about the health risks of gas stoves for decades, but tried to hide the truth

The AGA used Big Tobacco tactics to spread doubt about gas stove pollution

Just like cigarettes, “natural” gas contains toxins linked to asthma and cancer. The American Gas Association knew this, but worked with Big Tobacco public relations firms and scientists-for-hire to confuse the public and regulators about the threat of gas stoves.

AGA-funded front groups promote methane across the country

The American Gas Association has helped launch front groups with names like “Partnership for Energy Progress” and “Your Energy America” to help promote polluting methane gas as clean and safe, and push false climate solutions like “renewable natural gas” and hydrogen blending.

The AGA undermines clean energy and local climate leaders

Local leaders across the country are trying to pass energy efficient building codes that help ensure new homes are built to run on clean electricity instead of polluting “natural” gas. But reporting from NPR found that the AGA was “actively involved in passing state-level bills” that stripped cities of the legal right to transition buildings to clean electricity.

Is your utility a member of the American Gas Association?

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